Garage Door

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High Touch Locksmiths are authorised to install and repair LiftMaster® Garage Doors. The garage door had not been properly installed.


The top of the door did not lie flush with the door frame.
The pulley mechanism had not been attached to the door.
No reinforcement had been placed on the door.
Water from the clogged drainage pipe on the small patio had accumulated.

According to the Owner's Manual (page 19) "A horizontal brace should be long enough to be secured to two or three vertical supports. A vertical reinforcement brace should cover the height of the top panel".



Angle iron was used for the vertical and horizontal reinforcements (red arrows). The pulley mechanism was properly connected to the door (blue arrow).

House Doors

The centre door's knob needed to be tightened, which was done.
The centre door's spring had broken and will be repaired.
The side door's jamb was uneven. It was milled down so that the door would close and lock easily.
Elie the locksmith